Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Valentine's Day Gifts for Lovers...of Christ!

This Valentine's Day give your Sweetheart a gift of Real & Meaningful Love!!! C28 Not of This World Clothing and Accessories has lots to choose from for the one you love! Never know what to get your significant other for Valentines Day? Check out these items... For the Woman in your lifethis Sterling Silver "Love" Ring ($42.00).This "Faith Hope Love" tee will warm her heart! ($19.99) This "Love Is" tee is full of the definition of Love according to God's Word!($19.99) "Jesus" is also hidden in the swirls! My Favorite!!! Buy both and get them 2 for $30. For the Man in your life this Sterling Silver "Nail Design Cross" Pendant ($69.99)and this "Love B. It" V-Neck Shirt ($24.99) will surely get His attention!!! Or this"True Love Waits" Sterling Silver Varsity Ring!($68.00)

For that single friend surprise them with one of these lovely tees for $19.99 each or 2 for $30!
the "Vintage" tee. the "I Am All You Need" tee
the "Jesus Loves Me" tee and the "He Loves You" tee.

For the friend you want to encourage to continue to live Holy, give him this "Real Love Waits" tee for just $12.99 or this "Purity" Adjustable Bracelet for $7.99. The "Pink Purity" Ring for $23.95 or the "Hurricane" tee for $22.99.

Even for the little one in your life whom you love and adore you can give this
lovely 14k Yellow Gold "Children's Double Heart" Ring for $99.99 or these 14k White Gold "Children's Puffed Heart" Earrings for $49.99 or this "Mini Heart Wings" Neclace for $7.99.

And don't forget...with every purchase you're contributing to a ministry of your choice! Spreading love and the Gospel of Jesus Christ to even those you don't know should fill your heart with warmth and joy this Valentine's Day!!!

Check out these items and more on my Wishlist! Click below to see what you would like to give to your loved ones this Valentine's Day!!!


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