Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Kaplan Fashion Kamp

This past weekend Kaplan Career Institute - ICM Campus held their FASHION KAMP for Alumni and new enrollees in the Design Program.

"In the name of Fashion" Model/Actress Miyoshi Anderson and I were invited to talk with the students about what else? Fashion of course!

We were invited by the lovely Design Instructor Renee Forbes and one of her lovely current students Whitney Parker and introduced by a Kaplan Deisgn Alumni Donavan Wilburn.

Miyoshi who is also the founder of Pittsburgh Fashion Week and a Consultant of the iModel System of which she has Spring and Fall Workshops each year was invited to talk with the students about MODELING!

She talked to them about everything from how to present themselves as models to what to bring to a modeling gig, casting calls and go-sees. She also gave demonstrations on different styles of walks and poses for different designers and watched and critiqued as seen above with Model Shayla Kemp who walked in the International Designer Zang Toi show for PFW 2010.

As Fashion Editor, Blogger, Stylist & Consultant I was invited to talk about PERSONAL STYLE!

Personal Style to me is just being yourself and owning your look! I encouraged the students to revisit their childhood and what they liked to wear and what they didn't. Also the images they saw or see on television from the stars, videos and red carpet events and in magazines.

You don't always have to follow the latest trends... but you can find YOUR Personal Style in some of them!

First Lady Michelle Obama sets a great example of Personal Style and Princess Kate Middleton.

They don't let the media or anyone tell them what they should or shouldn't wear regardless of the trends, designer or price tag!

What Personal Style is NOT is what I like to call the "HOOD TRENDS"! Demonstrated here with the new "bonnet" aka "dubee" aka "night cap" hood trend which the students named "a HOT MESS" or as dubbed by Donavan as only he can do a "HOT SPICY CAJUN HOT MESS! lol

You know...the latest laziest, sloppyist, sluggish look that is supposed to prove that "I don't have to dress appropriately in public because I make up my own rules" trends. These styles are NOT Personal Style because it's normally the "follow the leader" game. In fashion and in having a Personal Style YOU SHOULD BE THE LEADER! YOU should be the trend setter!

Alumni Sofiya Mozley was invited as well to showcase her lovely jewelry designs and her Ardyss body sculpting products of which I sell as well (check older posts).

As a Fashion Consultant it is my job to help you find your Personal Style whether it be trendy, sexy, classy, classic, flirty, casual, conservative, modern, retro, vintage or versatile I can help you discover the your true Personal Style and the best look for you.

And for students looking to work on your Personal Style and/or Fashion Design and Merchandising degree check out Kaplan Career Institute.

10 Wood Street Pittsburgh, PA 15222 or call 412-261-2647 or Toll Free at 800-441-5222 and see what they have to offer.

Who knows....this may be the best time to enroll because Dr. Forbes is talking about a trip to Fashion Capitol PARIS, France!!! "Have Passport will Travel" is her moto and she has her sights defenitely set on Paris!

If anyone is interested in helping fund this trip to Paris, France please contact Renee Forbes at 412-261-6491 Ext. 247 VM246.

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  1. Beautiful pictures..wish I could have made it..I would have loved to see fellow classmates who I miss dearly!!! But I will make the next camp. Sabrina I look forward to meeting you in the fashion world darlin! I will be going on the trip Ms. Forbes!!! Be good to yourself and others!!! Divas!!!!