Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fashions For A Cause

There's nothing that touches your heart around the Holidays like a story of defying the odds and defeating the enemy called Cancer and these two sister's story is no different. My Aunt Roberta Goodman-Smith was recently diagnosed with Leukemia. There's nothing like the L & C word to warm your heart around the Holidays like LOVE & CARE! Right away my Mother Senilla Powell-Patterson jumped into action! My mother moved her baby sister across state to live with her so that she could take care and get her to doctor's appointments. Together they have become a Triumphant Duo! As of today my Aunt's Cancer is in remission and is in no need of bone marrow but she still has to have chemotherapy treatments. Through it all both sister's remain positive and stick together to encourage and uplift each other. My Mother recently lost her Sister Jackie Porter to Cancer and was determined to take action against the disease!

One idea my Mother came up with to help my Aunt to keep her mind off of the disease was to continue a business she started before she got word of my Aunt's diagnosis...Jewelry making! She quickly got my Aunt interested in the idea as a hobby and therapy method. Once my Aunt Roberta saw the beautiful stones and beading she was hooked...pun intended! They have since made and sold several pieces in the hospital alone! A portion of Patterson & Smith Designs proceeds will go to the Leukemia & Cancer Association for cancer research and a cure!

These beautiful and colorful pieces are made of semi-precious stones in turquoise, amethyst & red coral & black. They range from $40-$150.

This red & black glass & beads necklace, earrings & bracelet set is priced at $25.

These are what I like to call their Tribal pieces and they range from $45-$50...

As well as these crystal pieces below.

These pastel pieces range from $30-$50.

And the glass bead sets are $50.

These lovely pearl sets range from $45-$175.

Great detail, love and hard work has gone into each of these charitable designs as seen here with the multiple strands of this Mother of All Pearls piece!

Give the gift that keeps on giving this Christmas and Holiday Season. Support this and other charitable business' when considering the true meaning of Christmas!

To purchase these and other items or for custom orders you can contact Senilla Powell-Patterson of Patterson & Smith Designs at

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