Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Jimmy Choo for H&M Event

H&M is launching Jimmy Choo for H&M on November 14th. Sorry Pittsburgh, but the event is only launching in 10 stores in major cities in the US. Although, I don't envy the other cities b/c the lines will be outrageous but H&M has set up a "shopping system" for their customers for that day. The first 160 customers in line will get a free bracelet that will tell them which section they can go to first and you can only pick out ONE of each item! Like I could only pick out ONE pair of size 10 Jimmy Choo shoes....not in my blood! But after the 160, all customers will be welcome to shop apparel and H&M clothing. You can go to to check out the line. It includes clothing for Men & Women, shoes, purses and jewelry.

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