Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Winter Wear: Cover Me "Classy" w/ Coats for Christmas

The official start of winter isn't until December 21st but we're feeling the cold already. And they say it's gonna be a cold winter this year! Being a plus size woman myself, it's hard to find fancy coats or anything other than what looks like a thermal blanket thrown over your head to wrap up in style. So here are some fashionable coats that I found for the Full Figured women!

Style: The Cape (my personal favorite!): - $299.99, Sizes 1x - 3X (fits large, so a size 3X would fit a size 28), Colors: Blue, Mustard, Black, and Purple, Fabric Content: 75% Wool, 25% Nylon, Fully Lined

Style: The Bomber - $319.99, Sizes 1X (14/16), 2X (18/20), 3X (22/24), 4X (26), 5X (28), Colors: Blue, Mustard, Black, and Purple, Fabric Content: 75% Wool, 25% Nylon, Fully Lined.

These "Hot" colors courtesy of La'dan's Closet can be purchased through Monif C. in NY by calling 212.842.1641. Some styles are in stock, some have to be ordered with a 4 week delivery, so make sure you move quickly!

On a local level we have a coat designer and a hat designer in Pittsburgh, PA.

The Couture Coat Designer is Leslie Harris. She has a unique style of desingning women's coats as well as other things. Her coats were featured in the Pre-World Aids Day Fashion Extravaganza in November. Leslie does consultations on whatever designs you need. Check out Fine Designs on her website

The hat designer is Lolita Henry and she makes croched hats. You know....those slouchy hats EVERYONE is wearing now for trendy style, bad hair days and now for that crisp, bitter wind...yeah, those hats!!! Lolita constructs them with quality materials and quality workmanship to ensure that they last for years to come. Her hats range from $15-$35 and they come in all colors and sizes. You can order Lolita's hats on her Facebook or by calling (302) 399-7840.

Pair these hats with those coats and you'll be warm, cozy and classy!!!

Oh and don't forget the gloves... my personal favorite are the long purple leather gloves from Chadwicks that would go great with that mustard cape above. They are on sale now for $35 at

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