Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Full Figure Fashion Week™ in NY starts TOMMOROW

Okay ladies and gents it's that time....the Full Figure Fashion Week™ in New York starts tomorrow and there's HUGE excitement in the air!!! I had the pleasure of asking the founder of FFFWeek™ Gwendolyn DeVoe some questions about the event prior to opening night. Hear what this Fabulous Woman has to say about this groundbreaking event.

Sabrina: Hello Gwen, how long has the FFFWeek™ been in existence?

Gwen: This is our second year. The event debuted in NYC last June.

Sabrina: How well is the event received in the Fashion Capitol and Fashion Industry?
Gwen: The response in the plus size fashion community has been wonderful. And, word is quickly spreading throughout other communities as well.

Sabrina: Who are some of the designers who’s collections will be featured in the Opening Night Runway Event?
Gwen: Some of the designers who will be showcasing are: Monif C., Qristyl Frazier, True Diva, Jaspher Knowles, Jewel Shannon, Osun Designs and Susan Moses. In terms of retailers, we also have Just My Size, Pure Energy (sold exclusively at Target), Kiyonna and Igigi by Yuliya Raquel. There are tons more. The complete list can be found on the event's website (

Sabrina: Out of all of the designers and shops that cater to the Full Figured Woman, which would you say offers the best in quality, style and versatility?
Gwen: That is difficult to answer since fashion is a personal taste. But, I will say that plus size fashionistas should be aware that there are several more fashion choices available besides what you customarily see online and in the stores and this is what Full Figured Fashion Week™ is all about --- bridging the gap between designer/retailer and the customer.

Sabrina: With certain designers like Kimora Lee Simmons of the Baby Phat Brand and Roca Wear and the Michael Kors brand is there an opportunity for conversation or an interest from designers who design clothes for all sizes to really focus on quality and form fit as opposed to just mass production?
Gwen: Absolutely! And our Business Panel during Full Figured Fashion Week™ will address those conversations.

Sabrina: Are there any in existence (besides “Figure”) or are there any plans to start a full figured fashion magazine or full fledged talent agency?
Gwen: Actually, Figure Magazine is no longer in existence. The magazine stopped printing last year, I believe. To date, there are several online publications devoted to plus size fashion such as Plus Model Magazine, Skorch, and Daily Venus Diva, to name just a few.

Sabrina: Pittsburgh is set to have it’s first Fashion Week in September, what advice would you give the creative team on hosting an event of this magnitude?
Gwen: I would advise anyone that sets out to produce ANY large event to remember the importance of being organized, communicative and providing great customer service. Also, a good, user-friendly, informative event website is key. Sidebar: I am always available for event consultation (smile).


Sabrina: Do you think that FFFWeek™ will spread to different cities and/or countries?

Gwen: Hmmm, yes, I do. Check out our website in the next few weeks!

WOW, sounds intriguing!!! I can't wait! I'm so excited about what this does for us, women's self-esteem and attitudes all over the world!!!! See you all there and for those of you who can't make it, stay tuned to my blog for recaps on the daily events.

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