Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sexy In The City

I know it's been a while....but I've been soooooo busy with so many different fashion shows and events over the past few months and it has been quite an experience! There have been some differences in opinions and visions when it comes to what exactly Fashion Week should be and there have been some not so great shows, some sabatash attempts along with some shows with NO fashions in my opinion. The attempted sabataged show was a failed attempt and the show went on w/o a glitch and I actually modeled in it as a stand in. The one show that I would have LOVED to have enjoyed because the concept was FABULOUS....was the one show I could not attend behind principle and matters of a criminal nature! Pittsburgh, we have got to do better!!! The HATEration is soooo thick you can cut it with a knife!!! I know the fashion industry is cut throat...the Real Housewives of Atlanta showed us that, but the things that have gone on in THIS city could give the RHOA a run for their ratings!!!

People keep wondering when am I going to get out there and put on my own show? Well for the above reasons and some others, it will be a while before I do a show in the city of Pittsburgh. Not because I've lost faith but because I need to do my research, I need to get the right team together and I need it to be not just another show, but THE best show ever done in the city! However, there are some shows and events coming up that will give me the research and experience I need. Next week I will be in New York for the Full Figure Fashion Week.

This event is full of excitement, education, excursions and evolving fashions. I can't wait to demyth the perception that "big girls" are unhealthy! Some of us can run a high heels mind you!!! Not saying we won't be out of breath....but we can do it!!! Some Big Girls are some Baaaad Girls!!! I know skinny girls that can't walk in 4inch heels like I can!!! It's a learned technique! Some of us have the skills to pay the bills but we do it with class, a business sense and a flavor all our own! The world over is coming around to our 'Curvy Culture' and way of living with no fears, no inhebitions and no excuses!!! The FFF Week is June 16-20th. Get details at

I'll let you know how this one is as I'm sure it will be FABULOUS!!!

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