Monday, April 4, 2011

Dress For Success Pittsburgh

Dress For Success Pittsburgh is one of the many organizations I love to volunteer for. This organization helps women enter into the workforce and re-enter into the workforce. They provide clothing from donations to woman who are entering the workforce or re-entering due to lay offs, maternity leaves, etc., etc. They provide a suit for your initial interview and then two-three work outfits once you receive the job. They also offer daily job development classes in their Downtown location and have a Professional Women's Group (which I am proud to be a member of) that meets every last Tuesday of the month. The PWG is very rewarding with speakers to help enhance every aspect of a woman's life. So DFS not only dresses you for work but they prepare you and nurture you into and throughout your career! If you work with a non-profit organization, your church, a recovery or self-development program or such and need clothing, you can be referred to Dress For Success. The clothing, jewelry, handbag, shoes and cosmetics are all donated by wonderful retailers and individuals.

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics is only one of the GREAT supporters of Dress For Success Pittsburgh. This weekend, as a Volunteer Image Consultant for Dress For Success Pittsburgh, I got the opportunity to work with the wonderful Cosmetic Consultants at the Bobbi Brown Cosmetics counter at MACY's in Monroeville Mall. Bobbi Brown Cosmetics partnered with Dress For Success for a fundraiser called "Beauty That Gives Back." It was such a great experience for me and a co-worker Andrea Festa whom I was excited to see was a DFS volunteer as well.

The Beauty Consultants at Bobbi Brown Cosmetics were so friendly and upbeat and beautiful and eager to make you beautiful!!! My consultant Richard made me up before my volunteer shift and he did some things that shocked and amazed me and had his colleagues looking on for tips and tweaks. I'll admit, I have very dark circles under my eyes at times which is a huge problem for a lot of people. Hopefully Richard doesn't mind me sharing his secret as it only proves how much of a genius he is at his craft. He used red lipstick...yes "RED LIPSTICK" under my eyes blended with a Bobbi Brown Foundation Cream Stick for my complexion and then softened it with a Bobbi Brown loose powder! How's that for a Cosmo Tip??? He admits that that technique was not a "Bobbi Brown" technique but for some dark circles like mine...desperate eyes call for desperate measures!!! Even after the concealer which is wonderful, there was still a little darkness that Richard got rid of so well for a glamorous look for pictures which I knew I would be in for a fashion show I had to attend that evening. He used an Electric Blue eyeshadow (in observance of Autism Awareness Day) and a nude lip for this Fierce but Fresh look!

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics had a special make-up kit for sale that customers could buy for $60 and all the proceeds would go to Dress For Success Pittsburgh. This kit is a nice blend of neutral colors to smokey eye colors to go from an everyday clean look to a night out on the town!

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics Monroeville Mall Manager Heather did a lot of pre-sales of the kit so most were sold out by the time my shift started! They were down to one kit left at the Monroeville location. The same event was going on in South Hills and Ross Park Mall locations. They also provided complimentary make-overs at the event.

This wasn't the first event of it's kind and it won't be the last. As I said, Bobbi Brown is one of the BEST supporters of Dress For Success Pittsburgh and they have a lovely crew of Consultants so as you go through the mall, stop by the Bobbi Brown Cosmetics counter and say hello, check out their cosmetic's line and ask how you can help support their efforts to give back to Dress For Success. Other than that you can visit any of the Dress For Success Pittsburgh locations listed on the website to drop of donated clothing, sign up to volunteer and/or make a monetary donation right on the site. All donations are tax deductible.

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  1. This is such a wonderful article on Dress for Success and Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. The support they offer to such a great organization is amazing. I also had a blast and learned a lot of great make-up tricks while spreading the word about Dress for Success. Sabrina, thank you for writing this, it was wonderful to share the experience with you!